Imagine a World is a multiplayer text adventure (also known as a MUD, or a Multi-User Dungeon) based on a wonderful, unfortunately defunct, game called Glitch.

Download Discover the World, the prototype/teaser of Imagine a World

For a really long time, eleven Giants walked around. They thought and sang and swayed everything into existence. Layers and layers of imagination, slowly pressed together by the weight of further imaginings, took solid form. From that form came the first physical manifestations of Ur.

There have been eleven Ages, each presided over by a single Giant, plus the Age of the Eleven when bubbles of imagination, emanating from each Giant, grew till they overlapped and meshed, and imaginings inside turned into new, more complex things.

As the force of anti-imagination, the devourer of creativity, the Rook constantly buzzes around the Giants, distracting them from their dreams. When the persistent disruption intrudes too forcefully into the Giants’ imaginings, the world can break. When the Giants wake up, the Age of the Rook comes. A dark, brooding age that will last until the Giants can regain their power.

As a Glitch, imagined into the world by the Giants themselves, you have your own imagination, and you can help grow and shape this world. You will need to traverse all of Ur, scraping, mining, petting, massaging, donating, harvesting, tending, imbibing, quaffing, drinking, eating, sniffing, poking, admiring, slathering, scooping, smelting, repairing, and, of course, meditating the whole time.

Go, rally the forces of imagination in defense of Ur! And may the Giants be with you.